The Making of the 2015 Brisbane Festival Video: #mindblown

Nancy Hartley is a Creative Partner at Brisbane agency RUMBLE Creative & Media and finds pleasure in the visually aesthetic things in life.

Them’s indeed fighting words to say #mindblown. But from the opening scene with Tom Thum‘s trademark beatboxing tones, the reel for the 2015 Brisbane Festival has a sense of something larger-than-life; something incredibly edgy and contemporary that extends beyond Brisbane itself. Created by media agency RUMBLE Creative & Media, 45-seconds of footage features familiar faces, incredible talent and astonishing visuals, capturing what BrisFest promises: an incredibly amazing and mind-boggling two-week event determined to shock senseless. As Brisbane Festival lands, MyCityLife talks to Rumble’s creative partner Nancy Hartley about The Making of the 2015 Brisbane Festival Video: #mindblown. But first, check the amazing TVC here:

It’s not an everyday event chatting everything from Netflix binges to immigration with Marcia Hines, listening to Tom Thum create a one-man soundtrack, watching Club Swizzle performers defy gravity and chuckle at The Umbilical BrothersDavid Collins holding court with a bunch of talented young dancers. But when it happens, it’s a great day at the office.

Rumble Creativestarted working with Brisbane Festival in early January creating the Mindblown theme and campaign for the festival. The TVC was inspired by Brisbane Festival’s artistic director David Berthold’s vision of “accessibility” and creating deeper connections between artists and audiences. Just as Brisbane Festival transforms our city in September, Rumble asked artists to use their skills to transform the word September into becoming Mindblown.

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Working with Brisbane Festival’s Marketing Director Justin Grace and his team, post production and visual effects specialists The Post Lounge, and Director Mitch Kennedy and Producer Noelle Jones of The Producers, we found ourselves in a beautiful open space at The Jude, surrounded by an incredible array of generous, talented people. Mitch chose to shoot on a RED Epic Dragon to capture every detailed nuance.


As a creative, there’s a wish list of people to feature in a campaign. The gravitas Brisbane Festival carries meant Rumble’s dream team happily said yes and were excited to be a part of it. Due to the extensive visual effects, Mitch had meticulously planned every aspect of the shoot with The Post Lounge guys, using the guide track created by Tom Thum which features in the beginnings of the commercial’s arresting soundtrack. There was a massive a buzz at the festival launch when Tom’s opening note reverberated through the crowd where everyone cheered. He is a prodigious talent – and fun. Thum Prints with the QSO is going to be amazing. But then, the entire line up is entertaining, provocative, eye-opening, truly international and captivating.

img 9577 4

The team at Rumble has a long history of tourism and destination marketing, from Best Job in the World, to Gold Coast Famous for Fun and Give Me Brisbane Any Day – a line penned by creative partner James Burchill. Rumble are passionate about Brisbane and feel so fortunate to live here and be involved with Brisbane Festival.

September once seemed such a long way off, but with the Festival finally here, it now feels like it’s going to be over too soon. There’s a definite sense of FOMO. The wonderful challenge in promoting Brisbane Festival is that there’s really little explanation with what people are about to see. It’s all so original – that’s the beauty of it. We’re as excited as the rest of the city to hit Arcadia at South Bank and all the Festival venues. We’re ready to be #mindblown.

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