Tim Fuchs: Top 5 Tracks with Pillow Talk

Tim Fuchs might be a freakishly big human, but behind the decks, he is quite the boogie monster. The local DJ legend has been working the CDJ circuit for a good decade, as a staple at clubs, bars and festivals. Having remixed and reworked a bunch of top shelf artists including Foals, Flight Facilities, Miami Horror and LCD Soundsystem, Tim continues to love his bubbling dancefloor burners. Listening to his sets or his soundcloud, it’s hardly surprising then, that we’ll find Tim on support duties for the coming of three-piece San Francisco soul sensations Pillow Talk for the Brisbane leg of their national tour.

With straight up soul dance music curated for the dancefloor, the trio will perform an extended DJ & Live set for five hours of musical goodness at Laruche. With Sammy on vocals, Ryan on guitar and keys, and Mikey on synth, the three-piece live group will manipulate pop melodies, classic R&B, soul and boogie into the loose rhythms of house music for a one-of-a-kind Pillow Talk blend. Tim is sure to demonstrate being CAPS LOCK EXCITED when it comes to warming up the dancefloor with his special brand of lounge boogie.

Tim lays out his Top 5 Tracks with Pillow Talk.

Far From Home 

We All Have Rhythm 


Meet Me In The Dark

The Outcast


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