You’ve been invited to a party, promising bottomless drinks, an exquisite buffet, endless tunes, beautiful guests in that latest fashions, and… pop-up photo studios? Okay, why not? You accept the invitation, curious to see just how this event is going to go. After all, it’s not often that a party like this can deliver on all its promises, isn’t it?

So how incredible is it when you step into the doors of The Photo Studio Brisbane and it’s even better than they said it would be? Okay, so sure, it’s only the hair and make-up studio. Make-up artists dressed elegantly in black versions of the trendiest cuts weave in and out from between chairs and mirrors as they pamper their clients for the evening – the lucky guests! With the promise of photography at the event, everybody wants to look their best and The Photo Studio’s hair and make-up artists have the perfect opportunity to showcase their talents. The work they can do in ten minutes is a brilliant taste of what’s in store for anybody wanting to book a photo shoot with the studio – that is to say, perfection.

When you’re all done up and ready to go, you’re ushered into the inner sanctum of The Photo Studio where the party is well underway. The lights are low and music instantly invigorates you. Guests mingle, chatting warmly as if they’re all old friends. Everybody is wearing something you want in your own wardrobe (and with alcohol-induced clothing swaps later, it’s hard to return everything you’ve borrowed)!

The studio itself is a massive warehouse and it’s easy to envision it as a day-to-day photography business. It’s made easier, by the pop-up photo studios lining the sides of the warehouse. Now, I think we’ve all been to a party with a photo booth, a small cubicle you cram into with three friends (as anyone else in there would suffocate you). You pose awkwardly, unsure of what to do or when the photo will be taken, and then you laugh at the strip of film and hide it in a draw as soon as you get home.

These pop-up studios are not the same. Backdrops have been installed around the room, and little stations with lighting and fans to make those pictures truly pop. Photographers at each station are swarmed by guests, eager to have their photos taken. We wait, admiring the model in front of the camera, and then when it is our turn on set we begin admiring the person behind the lens. The photographers are experts, giving quick and easy direction and bringing out our best selves. It’s completely professional and still a party. The same could be said of any business day at The Photo Studio Brisbane.

After getting your photo snapped, you make your way to the buffet. A vegan charcuterie spread has been arranged by Dalton, with all the classics elevated to create a mouth-watering display. By far, the most extra thing about it are the grapes, hung up on a wireline with miniature wooden pegs for guests to pluck off and pop into their mouths when the
craving for something sweet hits. An outdoor seating area brings to mind images of Palm Springs, California, with cacti and cushions decoratively placed against the bright pink wall.

The event is rightfully a homage to the empowering abilities of photography, a celebration of the captured image. The surprise entertainment of the evening is a performative photoshoot, with the models and photographers showcasing the live act of artistic creation in all its glory. This sense of tribute to the art form permeates the evening. It isn’t subtle, but
it’s not overwhelming – it hits a perfect balance which will imbue guests with fond memories for years to come.

As the night winds down, you can only hope the creatives aren’t as exhausted as you are. After working all night, they deserve their own celebration of the turbulent year gone by.
The Photo Studio Brisbane well and truly made up for the missed opportunity to celebrate their opening in 2020, by going above and beyond to celebrate its 1 st Birthday in the city. For those who weren’t familiar with the business, it was a warm welcoming and inspired invitation to come back and experience it again through a studio booking.
Happy 1st Birthday, The Photo Studio Brisbane. Best wishes for the year ahead and… we hope we’re on the guestlist for your 2nd Birthday too!

COVID-19 NOTICE: This event took place on the 25 th of March, prior to the current Brisbane
outbreak of COVID-19. Safety and hygiene standards were adhered to throughout the
evening, including contract tracing. No known cases of COVID-19 have been traced to this

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