The Scoop: Main St Bar & Eatery

Story Bridge makes a point of catering to every taste, and so the launch of Main St Bar & Eatery means a trip to The Bridge where every whim is fulfilled.

The Story Bridge Hotel has had a colourful history perched from the point of Kangaroo Point for almost a century, as a well-populated watering hole to wharfies and labourers. But since Kangaroo Point has taken off as one of the most affluent inner-city suburbs in The City, The Story Bridge too has adjusted with the times, taking its reputation as the toughest pub in town to the swishest seat under The Bridge. The Story Bridge is host to an overflow of spaces to eat, drink and be entertained. From The Shelter Bar’s Australian fusion approach to tapas and dining to the urban beer garden feel of the Outback Bar & Grill and upmarket dining with its classic ambience from Deery’s Restaurant & Smokehouse, Story Bridge has fine wines, craft beers and a profusion of cocktails to please every taste and urge.

And while The Story has always been welcoming to ladies wanting to do ladies things, the male-heavy presence always means more of a dominion towards beers and pizzas. But Story Bridge makes a point of catering to every taste, and so the launch of Main St Bar & Eatery means a trip to The Bridge where every whim is fulfilled. 

Moving away from gluten heavy to a locavore and seasonable approach with ingredients and dishes, Main St is the lighter side to The Story. The bright décor inspires get-up-and-go gatherings or cheeky chatters, where people-watching up and down Main Street with jam jars and champagnes in hand are the order of the day and night. It’s a classic take on Queensland lifestyle, where a profusion of colours and patterns keeps things dainty and vivid.

Early morning is sorted with coffee, loose leaf teas, juices, smoothies and breakfast. Light and wholesome options like gluten-free chopped watermelon and red papaya blueberries with labneh, mint and roasted pepitas stand out for the fit and healthy. Vegan minded bodies can enjoy the gluten-free scrambled tofu, French lentils, Tuscan kale, tempered tomatoes, basil and sticky balsamic. Turkish toast, smashed avocado, salted ricotta, and cherry balsamic is a classic take on avo and toast; this seemingly simple dish boosted amidst an array of flavours.

Slightly heavier alternatives for the hearty appetites are in abundance. A savoury mince toastie of pasture-fed beef mince cooked in a Panini or the quesadilla style pulled milk-fed lamb shoulder on flatbread, saffron and mint yoghurt with pomegranate and za’atar keep breakfast wholesomely comforting. Or go full throttle with the Main St Plate-poached eggs served with smoked belly bacon, confit tomato, smoked pork and bean ragout, and a savoury mince toastie. Enjoy with any of the juices and smoothies made to order. Or if after 10 am, add a glass – or few – of sparkling whites to the mix for a completely fulfilling champagne breakfast.

For servings to take it through the day, tapas styled dishes and snacks keep those hunger pangs at bay with girlish figures kept girly. Sumptuous salads, charcuterie, cheeseboards, Main St’s signature mini-subs and hand-cut fries keep the afternoon free for grazing. Cocktails and mocktails are served up jam jar style with the alcoholic fusions specially crafted for Main St; from the green tea cocktail to classic cosmopolitans. Things can stay simple, by soaking up Veuve Cliquot Champagne or exploring the fine wines list. 

Over the years, Story Bridge has assumed a male dominance, and though ladies are welcomed – certainly encouraged – there’s just something a little more feminine to Main St Bar & Eatery that brings a balanced sense of lightness and air to Kangaroo Point. From the back of menu boards that reflect the floor tiles to the comforting and rustic interiors flush with plants and vintage signage and the feature window that brings the street inside, the attention to detail is very much a womanly element. While the boys are certainly comfortable here with plenty of craft bears on offer and loads of eye candy certain to be around, Main St brings a touch of softness to The Bridge. She is undoubtedly, the lady of Story Bridge Hotel.

Photo Credit: Lady Lex


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