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From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife back on 18 September 2014

First there was The Emporium Hotel, with its Armani-inspired design, stylish cocktail bar and rooftop pool deck. Then along came The Limes Hotel on Constance Street as top shelf boutique accommodation with the Limes Hotel Rooftop Bar a major feature, inspiring rooftop bars to pop up all across Brisbane. Limes and Emporium wasn’t conventional Fortitude Valley budget hotel stay; they shared a focus on design and comfort. This was aesthetically designed accommodation with inbuilt creature comforts created exclusively for the tech-savvy, socially-adept global warrior. Premium full star boutique accommodation, once only confined to Brisbane, was gradually inching into Valley territory. And it is in 2014 the line has finally been drawn in the sand: Move over stodgy, stuffy City corporate floaters; The Valley with its bohemian, underground cool appeal is moving in big time. The coming of TRYP Hotels to the bottom end of Constance Street is confirmation that The Valley is the brand new and shiny destination of awesome for jet setters and edgy business globetrotters. 

The TRYP brand has consistently merged the surrounding cityscape into their décor across the years, making sure the design elements of their hotel reflects their chosen home’s personality. This means each TRYP hotel is unique and stylised. The character of The Valley, known for its unconventional and aloof traditions, has been studiously absorbed by TRYP just as it does with every other hotel destination. And central to their ethos, Fortitude Valley’s daring and quirky character sees progression and innovative design saturating TRYP Brisbane.

Developed by Jay McPhee, the hotel will be run by Wyndham Hotel Group’s management company; cementing their reputation as the world’s largest hotel company with a presence in over 69 countries. Featuring luxurious king-sized suites, Foxtel, Wi-Fi, iPod docking stations to fit into our needy blue tooth lifestyle and Vittoria pod coffee machines are standard creature comforts, where sleek city lines and modern fit outs blend together with vibrant artwork and 150-year-old timber floors as an entity of striking contrasts that mirrors both The Valley’s high end growth and Queensland heritage traditions. Just as with The Emporium and Limes Hotel, TRYP blends cutting edge design with local street culture – and in combining the two, elevates both the city it emulates and the hotel it builds. 

Even from Ann Street, TRYP’s progressive artwork is immediately striking; prominently featuring the creative talents of renowned street artists Rone, Beastman, Fintan Magee and Numskull from the exterior. Fintan Magee in particular is a cultural symbol of local Brisbane street culture, his works found on the walls of Woolloongabba from around the Precinct to Canvas and in old buildings in Brisbane’s Margaret Street, around Toowoomba and stretching to Sydney’s King Cross and across to Buenos Aires, Miami and Baton Rouge in The States as well as Ireland. Titled as Australia’s answer to the UK’s Banksey, a Fintan Magee work is a serious mark of modern culture.

And adorning TRYP’s crown comes her jewel: rooftop bar UP on Constance. Absorbing Brisbane’s individuality, personality, charm and cityscape with a complement to the edgy artwork, UP is a lush rooftop bar set against a backdrop of stunning city views. And while the rooftop bar is an upmarket meeting place, TRYP presents the full option for liquorice all sorts gatherings, suited to celebrations, events, cocktail parties, corporate functions, intimate occasions and business meet ups.

But covering all bases of Eat, Drink, Play and Refresh, TRYP also presents the foodie option of Chur Burger; bringing Sydney’s best burgers north. As an upmarket dining joint with premium burgers and beers on offer, Chur Burger introduces their signature meat patty, buns, special sauce and salad to The Sunshine State. 

Brisbane is indeed coming into her own and it’s time to revel in Brisbane’s growth – TRYP’s move here is confirmation of this. The Valley’s traditions are steeped in 24 hour lifestyle, and the coming of TRYP Brisbane means this 24 hour lifestyle is perpetuated.

TRYP Brisbane,
14 – 20 Constance Street, Fortitude Valley


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