The sound of children laughing, cheering with delight and gasping in wonder as they watch their favourite stories brought to life on stage is simply heart-warming. My son, who is 9 months young, was completely enraptured with his first visit to the theatre at QUT Gardens Point. Whilst he is a bit young to have a full appreciation of the narrative craftsmanship on stage, there is no doubting that he loved every minute of the experience. From the characterisation of sequin and sparkle-clad puppets to the orchestral overtures, he was totally digging it. The joy of the children was infectious.

Based on the much-loved story by Eric Carle, Jonathan Rockefeller’s recreation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a stage
production in which four talented performers use a collection of 75 puppets, music, props, lighting and exuberant stage presence to capture the imagination of their young and not-so-young audience. Perfect for young children with its spot-on timing of 50 minutes, this performance is a brilliant way to foster a love of reading, frivolity and play.

The performance also included stories of ducks who ventured around the world, a tinselled spider who was very, very busy and a foray of farm animals ranging from a cantankerous cat to a frolicking goat.

Undoubtedly, the show’s crescendo was the culinary degustation and ultimate transformation of a very hungry caterpillar. The excitement was tangible as children cheered out the words of the much-adored story.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a critically acclaimed performance that children, parents and grandparents are bound to enjoy. It was the first of many theatrical adventures for my son and we are hungry for more!

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