If you can’t start your day without your morning caffeine hit, then you’re probably a serial coffee drinker. Don’t worry, me too. What started out as an iced coffee once a week is now a double shot black coffee every morning to start my day – but hey, if you’re a coffee lover you’ll understand my affliction and hopefully you can relate to some of these coffee drinker confessions.

1. You’ve acquired your own specific coffee style. How do you take yours? Cappuccino, Black, Caffe Americano, Flat White Latte, sugar, short, tall, filtered, soy, ice cubes…. the options for how you can take your coffee are endless. If you are a serial coffee drinker though, you get pretty picky and can definitely taste when the coffee isn’t great or if there is one less ice cube in the cub then you asked for.

2. As you’ve aged so have your coffee preferences. When I first started drinking coffee I used to add flavour, toppings, cream and barely enjoyed the coffee itself. Nowadays I have a strong black Moccona coffee EVERY morning. 

3. Coffee is an important part of your life (more important than you let on). You trust coffee; it has been there through all the university assignments, late-night study sessions, early work mornings, Sunday hangovers and broken hearts – a true friend indeed. 

4. You specifically make sure you have enough time in the morning to fully appreciate your coffee. You probably wake up a bit earlier to give yourself enough time to buy one. You know you won’t be nearly as productive without it.

5. Coffee is a staple in your diet. When you go to a cafe or restaurant you are probably more excited to try the coffee than the food. Your grocery list probably looks a bit like this: bread, snacks, milk, coffee, sugar, coffee, coffee, coffee…

6. Drinking coffee is one of your social activities. You go for coffee with friends as a regular way to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. You’ve pretty much found a way to build coffee into your life as much as humanly possible.

7. You have formed friendships over coffee. If coffee is so intertwined in your life that you have multiple relationships that have started over a cup of coffee, than you are definitely a serial coffee drinker. You probably have particular friends that relate to your habit that you can sit and drink coffee with for HOURS.

8. You consider two or more coffees a day the perfect amount. Two in the morning and sometimes another throughout the day? Yes please.

9. You’ve done your research so you can defend your habit. If you love coffee you probably know a few facts about the benefits of drinking coffee and are ready to educate any non-coffee drinkers that ask why you drink so much (even though you know you don’t drink coffee for the antioxidants).

10. Your breath smells like coffee. It is inevitable as a serial coffee drinker that you walk around smelling like a bag of unground coffee beans but you’re okay with it.


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