Tkay Maidza unexpectedly garnered attention for her music back in 2013 when she released the single ‘Brontosaurus’ via Triple J Unearthed. Since then, she has earnt herself a spot on the annual Triple J’s Next Crop list, had several tracks make Triple J’s Hottest 100 and has played for a crowd of thousands at Splendour In The Grass and Groovin’ The Moo. With no signs of slowing down, the Zimbabwe born but Adelaide grown artist released her debut album ‘TKAY’ in early 2017 and recently teamed up with DJ and artist EGO for an incredible exhibition of live art and music. In between gigs, travelling and working on new music, we took some time with Tkay to reflect on her musical journey so far.

Hey, how are you going?
Yeah, I’m great. Just chilling.

Your music career took off after your debut single ‘Brontosaurus’ back in 2013 when you were only seventeen years old – what has it been like building your music career and coming into your own as an adult all at once?
Well, it has all felt quite natural. I didn’t start making music thinking it would turn into any of this, and I still feel like I just make music for me because I love it. I guess it’s just been a natural process.

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You dropped out of an architecture degree at university to pursue music full-time. Was that decision daunting? Most people would say finish the degree and then do the music.
Haha, yeah. I have never been one to box myself into anything. Everything feels right, I just do what feels good. In a sense it seems too easy. I wasn’t really thinking when I made half of this. Even the songs coming out now were written when I felt like I had nothing to lose, but now people are paying attention and coming to my shows, so I’m worried that I’m going to overthink stuff.

Earlier this year you released ‘TKAY’ your debut self-titled album. How have fans reacted? What was the creative process like?
The reactions have been awesome. I just wanted to create an album that reflects my ‘don’t overthink anything’ attitude and I think ‘TKAY’ is a good representation of that. I have meshed a bunch of genres together, and every track has its own vibe I think.

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You’ve recently spent a fair amount of time touring your music in the states, specifically New York City. It must be a totally different music scene – what was your time like there?
Yeah, it is definitely a different atmosphere in the music community, especially NYC. It was really cool for me getting to perform in venues there because New York is the roots of so much of the music I like and make. It felt pretty special doing gigs at venues I knew were the starting stages for some of my idols.

You’ve teamed up with audio/visual artist EGO for a live fusion of music and art at Brisbane venue The Brightside. What inspired this magical combination of sights and sounds?
I’d seen a few of his live shows, and I think he’s another artist who doesn’t really stick to any specific genre of art. So when we got to know each other it just seemed like a great idea to create something really different!

To keep up with Tkay Maidza’s musical movements, connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud and her official website.


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