Brisbane is a city bustling with romance and adventure for couples of all ages. Here we explore the top 5 dating locations which won’t tear a hole in your wallet.

5. Stones Corner

Whether you get there via bus or car, Stones Corner is only a stone’s throw away from Woolloongabba, nestled in between Buranda and Greenslopes. The draw here is the op-shops, of which there are many – no less than five all within a hundred meters! Grab a partner and take them on a wacky adventure, complete with a variety of cuisines offered in the area and a selection of pubs & bars, Stone’s Corner will deliver an inexpensive and fun day for any budget savvy couple.

Location: Logan Rd, Stone’s Corner 4120

Price: $0+

4. Enoggera Reservoir

An oldie but a goodie, no list would be complete without it. Whether it’s with friends or as a couple, this classic Brisbane spot has receded from memory for many recently and yet is just as fun as always. Get in while the sun is still hot, if you haven’t been to this corner of town for a while you owe it to yourself to go! Other options for aquatic adventures include canoeing or kayaking, with launch spots located in St. Lucia & Dutton Park, or catch a train up to Redcliffe and swim at the beaches and lagoon there (don’t forget to visit the Bee Gee’s Alley).

Location: Enoggera Reservoir, QLD 4520

Price: Free

3. The Cave Inn

Tucked in behind the ruins of Brisbane’s iconic and beautiful Broadway Hotel, in the corner or The Gabba and East Brisbane, The Cave Inn looks out of place in this somewhat industrial area. However, that is precisely its appeal – a hidden gem in an unexpected place – The Cave Inn is Brisbane’s best kept secret. Serving up DELICIOUS pizzas and quality beers and live music, The Cave Inn may seem like any other pizza bar, so what’s the appeal? The draw here for dating is that they also offer free arcade games. You read that right, FREE. Whether you race each other, feast on mouth-watering pizza slices or share some drinks, The Cave Inn will offer a memorable dining experience and have you coming back for more. 

Location: 47 Balaclava St, Woolloongabba 4102

Price: $10-$20

2. Men-Ya-Go Ramen

Brisbane has an incredible range of ramen available for the avid noodle-goer. Whether you’re after the eye-widening size of West End’s Izakaya Goku, or the delicious value for money from the various Taro’s Ramen & Ramen Danbo around the city, you won’t regret slurping up some delicious broth with your partner anywhere around the city. However, the crème-de-la-crème pick of the bunch has to be the CBD’s Men-Ya-Go. What edge does it have over the gigantism of Izakaya, or the price of Taro’s? The flavour! For a comparable price to these others, order the Roasted Garlic Ramen and start a love story with your taste buds. While there are also vegetarian and spicy options available, the roasted garlic variety is sure to incite a spree of repeat adventures here for any couple.

Location: Shop 4/123 Albert St, Brisbane City 4000

Price: $10-$20

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Photo: Hayden Mills

1. Dornoch Terrace

Situated on the hill overlooking Brisbane’s iconic West End, Dornoch Terrace park might seem like an odd choice to snipe this list’s number one spot, but the allure of this spot is not just the breathtaking view of Brisbane’s entire CBD from east to west (go at night for extra flashy lights). The reason Dornoch Tce takes the prime position is because of its sheer flexibility. Whether you grab some drinks from the nearby Bottlemart on Gladstone Road, or do yourself a favour and walk down Hampstead Road to the heart of West End for a variety of food & bar options, Dornoch Terrace has you covered. The Southbank gardens are also a quick zip down Vulture Street, but my personal recommendation is to check out The Anise restaurant just 100 meters away. Here they offer all-you-can-eat Indian food for only 12$! TWELVE DOLLARS! Dornoch Terrace is the best place in Brisbane to visit for a date, whether it be as the starting location or at the end of the night, you won’t want to sleep on this iconic Brisbane spot.

Location: 164 Dornoch Terrace, Highgate Hill 4101

Price: Free

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