Dear Barista,

As you might already know, many jobs require a unique set of skills – yet none are quite as unique as yours. You are patient and efficient, and you are a listener and a maker; you are one of the people that gets the whole world out of bed in the morning. You are the calm to my most chaotic days. Every morning whether I’ve woken up after two or ten hours of sleep, it feels like you’re right there expectedly waiting for me. Before I’ve even put my order through you’ve started making my coffee, knowing exactly the way I like it.

Every morning when I wake up I look forward to our interaction, even if it is just a conversation commentating on the weather. Our talks don’t have to be long or about anything particularly important, just having a friendly face asking me how I am every morning is enough to make my day a better one. What might have been just a part of the job description – the interaction between barista and customer – has become so much more because of you. 

I want to say thank you to the burns on your fingertips, and to the skin that probably smells like spoilt milk after a long shift. You are the martyr to my brew, and without you I would be lost… probably still in bed hiding under the covers. You’re better than any breakfast or sleep-in, you are my barista and I don’t know what my mornings would look like without you. Just for you, I’ll put some extra coins in the tipping jar this morning. As a way of thanking you, we could get coffee sometime? I’ll bring the cash, you bring the blends and then maybe I’ll know what you know about me; how you drink your coffee.

With love,
Your 7:30am Cappuccino customer 

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