Iconic Australia hard rock outfit The Butterfly Effect have just released their hard and fast new single So Tired.  So Tired is a deep exploration of living life in the fast lane – offering a glimpse into the band’s hectic schedule and reckless partying back in the day.

It’s a classic tune rocking, stomping, raging, angry, and jumping right out of the gate with their distinctive energy before ebbing and flowing through challenging time signatures and rhythms with expertise, as it rolls forward to a massive finish!

The accompanying music video is intense and high energy, with drummer Ben Hall explaining it as “I liken it to a pineapple cruiser and a chat with a weird uncle over Xmas lunch. You’ll most certainly be left with more questions than answers.”

On top of this raging new track and vid, the guys have announced another single for February, as well as a new studio album in 2022; the first new studio album in 14 years!

We spoke with the guys from Butterfly Effect to find out more.

What inspired your new single?

The love of writing music! We had the first idea for this song many moons ago, but apart from being a great idea, it never amounted to much, so we never pursued it. Around a year ago Ben and I were playing in the rehearsal room and happened to stumble on the idea once again, the chorus appeared- and the rest came easily!

Have you got any shows or a tour lined up?-

We have a festival in the Goldie- Wallapalooza- fast approaching, and there will be many more shows to come!

What is your most memorable experience since the start of The Butterfly Effect?-

Due to the nature of Rock’n’roll, I think we’ve forgotten more memories than we can remember….but for me personally, the current swag of songs we are about to release is fast becoming the proudest moment to date. 

Favourite hard/fast/heavy act at the moment?-

Gojira’s latest record, ‘Fortitude’

What can we expect from you over the next few months?

We are about to hit the studio again in a couple of days till early January to complete the masterpiece, so you can expect a whole lot more slamming riffage coming at ya neck from Camp Butters!

YouTube video

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