Each year brings a whole new set of challenges. But it also brings a whole new set of things to celebrate. Brisbane, like any other city, has a slew of annual events and celebrations, ranging from small and intimate to grand and bespoke. Whether you’re looking for a big multi-day festival or a small event to get out and about, Brisbane has you covered. This is just a small selection of Brisbane’s annual events, but for your money’s worth, they’re the best on offer.

Brisbane Comedy Festival – February and March

Coinciding with the end of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival has been bringing knee-slapping laughs to our sunny state for quite a long time now. Drawing the biggest comedians in Australia, and even abroad, Brisbane Comedy Festival is a guaranteed good time. Hosted at the Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm, the festival spans February and March. Entry price is dependant on who’s performing, so be sure to check online for line-up and cost.

Paniyiri Greek Festival – Third Weekend of May

Every year on the third weekend of May, you can attend the Paniyiri Greek Festival. Started in 1976 by a local group of Greek-Australians, it is the longest-running cultural festival in Australia. From its humble beginnings as a small celebration of Greek heritage and culture, it has grown into a massive two-day event that draws 50,000 people to the south side of Brisbane each year. Held between Musgrave Park and The Greek Club, you can experience Greek cuisine and culture as well as support local businesses. Stalls, performances and events, Paniyiri Greek Festival is always worth checking out.

Brisbane Marathon Festival – August

Running a marathon is not for everyone, and the idea of a marathon festival sounds like a personal hell, but it’s all for a good cause. Starting in 1982, Brisbane Marathon Festival has been supporting charities and community organisations for 40 years. Covering just over 42 kilometres of Brisbane across multiple races, the Brisbane Marathon Festival draws participants from all over Australia, and even the globe. Most races kick off from the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and offer a whole other way to see Brisbane. You’ll have to register in advance, and fees range depending on the race, but you can rest (or run) easy knowing the money goes to supporting organisations that have helped and supported millions of people over the years. Besides, there’s no one stopping you from just walking the race.

Brisbane Festival – September, across three weeks

Every resident of Brisbane has likely heard of, if not attended an event of the Brisbane Festival. Held every year in September the festival is a spectacle like few others to grace our city. All around, you’ll find events and performances showcasing the talent and wonder Brisbane has. From often overlooked mediums such as dance, music, visual art and
comedy, to events and attractions, such as the popular Hall of Mirrors there’s always something to see and do. Couple that with pop-up restaurants and bars, there’s alot to see and do in Brisbane come September.

Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival – October and November

Everyone enjoys a good movie, and the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival provides just that. Having launched some of Australia’s biggest films, as well as Hollywood hits and international standouts, the festivals credentials speak for themselves. At participating cinemas in Brisbane, you’ll find documentaries, genre works and retrospectives to lose
yourself in. Bragging rights and the chance to share new experiences await with this festival, with more than a few films using it as a chance to premiere. Prices range depending on picture and cinema, but the chance to see something new and exciting is priceless.


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