Cuvée Lounge

Earning a five-star rating is the pinnacle of achievement, calculated through flawless service that exceeds expectations. A five-star bar is always the ultimate luxury trip. 

From Sofitel Brisbane Hotel and so named for the French term of a blend of wines, Cuveé Lounge is an unparalleled spiritual adventure of the fifth kind, where Parisian flavours add to the thrill of every adventure. 

With stunning inner-city views overlooking picturesque Anzac Square where the lounge’s understated and cool elegance defines the ambience. Bottles of wines and spirits from around the globe and the country rub shoulders. Louis Bouillot Brut Grande Reserve Perle de Vigne NV is served as house champagne by the glass, though tastes for Bundy rum, whisky, bourbon, vodka or absinthe are well covered. The lounge welcomes everyone, from the wearied traveller to local legends, A-Listers and celebrities – who shall remain nameless. Though in saying that, there was that one time Marilyn Manson, Fred Durst and Slipknot all lounged about listening to the local jazz band.

Simon Law, Outlets Manager for Privé 249 and Cuveé Lounge, has an especial affection for the bar, enjoying distinctive bartending experiences since the age of 13 while growing up in Hong Kong. His cultivated background infuses Cuveé, from curating the cocktail list, atmosphere to guiding the team. Simon creates specialty cocktails for shows and personalities that especially come into town, such as The Galaxy Cocktail, so inspired by Professor Brian Cox’ recent collaboration with Queensland Symphony Orchestra – which we had access to in our Snapshot Gallery here. Add experiences with the Soyer Shared Cocktail of lychee liqueur, vodka, absinthe, apple, lime, mint and fresh lychees served from an absinthe fountain or the summery Sangria, and Cuveé Lounge is a destination unto itself. “City dwellers come in for coffee for meetings or a nightcap before tottering home,” Simon points out. “It’s about being served by Daniel Zhu, one of Australia’s top award-winning baristas or Brazilian-import Antonio Santos’ commitment to service and experience in tropical cocktails. Cuveé,” Simon proclaims, “is a relaxing environment where it’s all about the atmosphere.”

249 Turbot Street, Brisbane
07 3835 3535


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