How to Plan the Perfect Beach Trip

Spring is here, which means beach trips are also knocking on the door! But as good as it may sound, sometimes beach trips also mean getting burnt in weird places, being attacked by wildlife, getting lost along the way, and driving around for hours trying to find a park. Thankfully your “Beach Hero” (aka us) is here to save the day with tips on how to make your beach trips as foolproof as possible.

1. Bring extra towels to cover up that one friend who hates tanning, but is too lazy to ever bring a tent or umbrella

2. Bring snacks to save getting the hangry feels. It will buy you some more beach time before having to leave for lunch.

3. Bring SPF 50+, a sun shirt and Aloe Vera for those who always gets burnt, but are in denial about it.

4. Avoid hot chips at all costs! But if you enjoy being attacked and pooped on by an infestation of seagulls, go ahead.

5. Swim before you have lunch. Unless you have permanent abs, nobody wants to be seen in their swimmers or be swimming, or better sinking, after they’ve eaten a gigantic burger.

6. Get in early. This way you can a) scope out all the surfers, b) score a park right on the beach, and c) make the most of that early morning sun.

7. Bring a battery powered fan for when there’s no breeze. It also comes in handy when you want to have a Beyoncé inspired photo shoot.

8. Bring a back scratcher with a sponge attached for that one friend who is too stubborn to ask for help putting sunscreen on their back. They’ll thank you when they’re not burnt in weird patches.

9. Bring doggy treats to attract all those cute beach doggos to your yard.

10. Pack a volley ball in case you want to interact with people.

11. Pack earphones in case you don’t want to interact with people.

12. Wear reflective sunnies so you can check out all the cute guys and girls without being caught out.

13. If you bring a flotation device, make sure you don’t float out to sea and need to be saved by a boat of fishermen!

14. Space your bags and towels out as much as you can. This way people won’t be tempted to set up camp right next to you.

15. And finally, bring a portable battery charger so that you have enough life to last you the google maps trip home.


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