Huge Inflatable Bunnies Are Coming To Brisbane

From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCity Life, back on 2 March, 2020

In a first for Brisbane, Australian artist Amanda Parer will showcase her world famous Intrude artwork installation, featuring giant inflatable, seven-metre tall luminous bunnies at Eagle Street Pier this March.

The very large white rabbits, illuminated in stark white light, have been taking over the planet. The bunnies of Intrude stand enormous, yet relaxed and appear to be quite at home in their new patch. – Artist, Amanda Parer

Intrude – six giant inflatable, seven-metre tall luminous bunnies – will hop into Eagle Street Pier from 13-29 March 2020, on display from 12pm-9pm daily. Intrude has travelled the world and now, this impressive art installation will be on show in Brisbane for the first time.

Depicted in this work by Australian artist Amanda Parer, rabbits are an out of control pest in Australia, leaving a trail of ecological destruction wherever they go and defying attempts at eradication. First introduced by settlers in 1788 they have caused a great imbalance to the country’s endemic species. The rabbit also is an animal of contradiction.

Representing the fairytale animals from our childhood – a furry innocence, frolicking through idyllic fields. Intrude deliberately evokes a cutesy image, and a strong visual humour, to lure you into the artwork only to reveal the more serious environmental messages in the work. They are huge, the size referencing “the elephant in the room”, the problem, like our environmental impact, big but easily ignored.

“I expect people will be drawn to the rabbits’ playful appearance, and I hope they will also take the time to understand the deeper meaning in the work and discuss how our actions impact the natural world in which we all live,” said Amanda.

Standing tall yet relaxed at seven-metres high, the bunnies of Intrude will see their first visit to Brisbane as this world-renowned artwork installation lands at Eagle Street Pier. Brisbane’s premier Riverside dining precinct is pleased to bring this impressive and intriguing installation to Brisbane City for all to enjoy for free.


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