Karen Tran: The Message Is Luxury

When the tradition of naming a flower is laid at your high heels, chances are, there are excellent reasons for it. If a hybrid tea rose can be named after Yves Saint Laurent, pink double-bloom hybrid tea rose named for Elizabeth Taylor or even the fragrant lavender hybrid rose named for Barbara Streisand, then a double tulip can certainly be named after the world’s leading floral and wedding stylist. As a globally-renown floral designer, wedding planner, speaker and educator, Karen Tranhas transformed the industry – and plans to keep doing so.

While based in Southern California, Karen has travelled the world sharing her passion for luxurious floral and event styling. From weddings to dinner parties and corporate affairs, Karen Tran adds her signature touch of lush elegance and stunning lavishness with flowers always the centrepiece and highlight. Following her master classes around Australia, including a two-day master class culminating in a grand dinner from Hillstone St Lucia, we sat down with Karen Tran to chat how her master classes are an occasion and what she is trying to say through her craft.

What is involved with your master classes and what do you try to achieve with them?
Our master classes are a minimum of two days. We start from the very get-go: cleaning the flowers, processing the flowers and really bringing them through the process of what we go through in producing a luxurious tabletop. It’s pretty intense and really hands-on. The student gets to watch me work and I get to watch them work – they repeat what I do and together we create this amazing table top. Day Two, we work all day and then get dressed up for a gala dinner. We enjoy a dinner together and the evening. It’s rewarding.

If there’s anything you’re trying to say with your brand and your master classes, what would that be? What are you aiming for?
The message is luxury. We need to be able to enjoy ourselves, witness ourselves and know what it’s like to sit down at a luxurious table – experience it ourselves. My goal is to elevate the floral industry and wedding industry. Elevating is part of education.

Given the wedding industry is a multi-billion sector, you’ve still really found quite a niche in the market. What is it that you love so much about it?
I’m passionate about the wedding industry, I’m passionate about teaching and I’m passionate about sharing.


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