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The Belligerents: The Top 5 Tracks

ABOUT THE WRITER: Thomas Clark loves being calm so he can read poetry better and write better poetry.

Although their new EP ‘Outside:Inside’ was only released this October, it’s the end of a big 2015 for The Belligerents. Currently on tour, they’ve also worked in two festivals with a third to come at the Festival Of The Sun in Port Macquarie. Obvious festival fanatics, they’ve also been lined up for The Hills Are Alive from Victoria’s South Gippsland next year in March. It’s easy to see the band are hitting their stride after more than four years on the scene.

The first single of this year’s EP In My Way’ and an epic powerhouse, has been constantly aired on triple J since November 2014. ‘Voices’ leaned more on the band’s slower, psychedelic sensibilities and their Tame Impala influence. ‘Looking At You’ has rounded it all out, taking the best of the two previous singles and transforming it into a mystical, well-paced track.

They’ve come a long way from their first EP ‘Less Arty More Party’ with the very Foals-esque title track ‘These Hands’. ‘She Calls The Shots’ was solid, the highlight ‘Steal Money’ indicating the band had the skills to stay in the game though there was an obligation to evolve and define themselves. In 2013, ‘Ghosts VS’ was a step in the right direction.

2015 has surely been The Becoming of The Belligerents, notably during BIGSOUND with media quick to place them as one of the highlights of the event. Another big achievement was the band’s cover of ‘Fatboy Slim’s Praise You’ on triple J’s ‘Like A Version’. With over 150,000 views, it’s definitely a hot contender for an Encore this Friday. Who knows, it might even make it into the 2016 triple J Hottest 100.

In the lead up to launching their latest EP ‘Outside:Inside’ from The Foundry this Saturday night, we sit down and look at their Top 5 Tracks.

In My Way


Looking At You

Ghosts VS

The Belligerents cover Fat Boy Slim Praise You for ‘Like A Version’

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