Morning Harvey: The Top 5 Tracks That Inspired Smith Street Swap Meet

Rock was never about Mr Nice Guy. The Rolling Stones singing about She Said Yeah was not just to a nice cuppa. And rock has evolved across the ages, particularly in Brisbane; reaching an almost utopian state that nicely covers psychedelic and progressive elements. The invasion of the British blues and folk have added greater depths to rock’s sonic prospects to evolve today to a sound that is both classic yet abrasive. And it’s all happening right under our noses with Morning Harvey.

The Brisbane five-piece outfit brings plenty of rawness to their sound, where meaningful lyrics unite with the wrangling guitars of classic Australian rock in a modish delivery. Lead by Spencer White, the frontman-songwriterunites with his brother Jack, Lewis Stephenson, Jim Griffin and Steve Kempnich. Woven from a threaded and twisting tapestry of Brisbane’s live and independent music scene, Morning Harvey are preparing to launch the introductory lead-in single from their upcoming magoo-produced five track EP with Smith Street Swap Meet. This is homegrown all the way, with vocal harmonies lithely intertwining with a kaleidoscopic of melodic hooks, guitar lines and nimble rhythms. Polished with the production prowess of Lachlan ‘magoo’ Goold and captured in Applewood Studios, their single Smith Street Swap Meet is a raw yet charming brew of rugged rock. But no track or album comes unbidden and clear of influences, so in the lead up to the release of their single at The Triffid alongside Savldarlings and Street 66, we sit down with the boys and chat The Top 5 Tracks That Inspired Smith Street Swap Meet.

Morning Harvey – Smith Street Swap Meet 

Primal Scream – Jailbird 

David Bowie- Up Hill Backwards

Imperial Teen – Ivanka

Beck – Black Tambourine

The Beach Boys – Slip On Through

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