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Embrace Brisbane Edition: Yes or No? Game

You probably used to see your life as a bubble of normality, where your everyday habits, thoughts, actions and beliefs were completely conventional and standard. And then your life and state of mind probably underwent an identity crisis when you first read the answers to one of the many Facebook ‘Yes or No?’ questions online. How can it be that so many people can’t even fathom doing things the way you do them, and vice versa?

Well, grab a group of friends and prepare to lose them just as quickly, as you play the Embrace Brisbane edition of “Yes or No?”. Get ready to compare, discuss and find out who is truly the weirdest of the group. If you can’t figure it out, the chances are it’s probably you.

Talking to yourself in the mirror: Yes or No?
Writing to-do lists on your hands and/or arms: Yes or No?
Swimming when it’s raining: Yes or No?
Making up back stories for each person when you’re people watching: Yes or No?
Trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze: Yes or No?

Sunglasses in the ocean: Yes or No?
Brushing your teeth before breakfast: Yes or No?
Having your fan on in winter: Yes or No?
Popping your friend’s or your partner’s pimples: Yes or No?
Sleeping with socks on: Yes or No?

Finishing your friends’ or family’s meals when they don’t eat everything: Yes or No?
Untangling your earphones: Yes or No?
Ice in wine: Yes or No?
Waiters who ask how your food is: Yes or No?
Soz: Yes or No?

Turning off the power switches when there’s nothing plugged in: Yes or No?
Answering your phone on the first ring: Yes or No?
Sweet Breakfasts’: Yes or No?
Roll-on deodorant: Yes or No?
Letting your phone reach 1% before charging it: Yes or No?

Shampoo mohawks: Yes or No?
Turning the volume off/down for scary movies: Yes or No?
Stalking yourself on social media to see what other people would see when they stalk you: Yes or No?
24-hour time: Yes or No?
Saying ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes: Yes or No?

Water in a mug: Yes or No?
Number two in a public toilet: Yes or No?
Painting over already painted chipped nails: Yes or No?
Buskers in Fortitude Valley playing at 2AM on Saturday night: Yes or No?
Watching only half an episode of your favourite TV show at a time so that it takes you longer to finish the season: Yes or No?

Loud soccer mums brunching: Yes or No?
Shop assistants calling you babe: Yes or No?
Savoury muffins: Yes or No?
Scratching your head after someone talks about head lice: Yes or No?
Embrace Brisbane: Yes or No?

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