The Six Modern Heroes We Need

Let’s be honest, we need help in this world. From the big problems to the small inconveniences in everyday life, I think it’s time we called in some unworldly superhero saviours. Here is our official roll call for the six modern-day champions and warriors!

Too tired to cook? You’ve run out of groceries? Or maybe you can’t cook to save your life. Do not fear, Fry Boy is here. At the blink of an eye, he’ll whip you up any meal you want; helping us humans eat less take-out when we’re bored, less two-minute noodles when we’re busy, and less butter on toast when we’ve run out of options.

You’ll never need to save up for travels or sit in a stale-aired plane ever again. All you have to do is hop into Jet Man’s backpack and you’ll be anywhere within seconds. With Jet Man by your side, you can see the world, visit your long-lost relatives, and go on a tropical getaway whenever you want. Jet Man helps the budgeting youths of today fulfil their travelling quotas, and fill their Instagram feeds with jealousy-curdling photos.

She’s a mother away from home. No matter where you are, she’ll be there to look out for you, help you make the right decisions, comfort you, give you a hug, and make your favourite tea. In need of comfort and love? Shh, shh, Mother Nurturer is here.

He’s here to fight this thing we call climate change. It will be a long battle, but with his climate-reversing abilities, he will start to recover the coral reefs, lower the sea levels, save endangered species, and sew up that pesky hole in the ozone layer.


Nobody knows what fills 98% of our oceans. But that will all change with the help of Under Water Woman. Not only can she swim to great depths, but she can also communicate with sea creatures. She’ll help us discover what the heck is in our oceans in no time, as soon as she’s done fighting off the evil Kraken of course.

Need inspiration? Need motivation? Need to stop procrastinating? Inspa-Girl has got your back. She will be there to wake you up in the morning. She’ll be there when you’re playing Candy Crush instead of working on your uni assignment or your work project. She’ll even be there when you’re lying in a pool of sweat and tears because you hate exercise.

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