Stacey Chin | 05 July 2018

ABOUT THE WRITER:  Stacey Chin is a bubbly third-culture kid, skilled cross-cultural communicator and aspiring communications professional who is passionate about the arts and creative fields. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, hip hop dance, film-making and mixing music mashups. Connect with her via Instagram or check out her blog to view more of her written work.

If you’re a foodie who enjoys big, bold flavours, a variety of spices and seasonings, and a plethora of free side-dishes to go with your main courses, then you’re going to fall head over heels in love with Korean cuisine! From crispy and savoury Korean Fried Chicken, to mixed vegetables and meat slices served in a sizzling hot stone bowl, coupled with steaming healthy hot soup and stew dishes, when it comes to authentic Seoul food, Brisbane City prevails as the hub of Korean dining. Be sure to grab yourself a pair of metal chopsticks as we guide you through to some of the best Korean restaurants in Brisbane!


Madtongsan II
Renowned for its impeccable bibimbap, Madtongsan II is a staunch hub of Korean cuisine in Brisbane. The restaurant features a selection of notable soups, stir-fried dishes and hotpots with complimentary side dishes of kimchi, sticky sweet potatoes, and creamy pasta salads (and did we mention they come with refills?). If you’re feeling adventurous, give the raw beef and egg yolk bibimbap a go, otherwise, you could opt for other equally delicious options such as the traditional beef or chicken topped with fried egg and vegetables bibimbap! If only we could just order everything!

Bull Bar
Located at the basement of Elizabeth Street, Bull Bar is known for catering to the taste buds of both carnivorous and herbivorous food lovers. With a range of vegetarian and meat-based hot stone bowls and soup dishes offered at affordable rates, this is the perfect restaurant to satisfy all your Korean cravings. The bulgogi (beef) bibimbap hot stone bowl, pork tofu soup and shallot pancakes are an absolute must-try for first-timers! Fun fact: be sure to grab the lunch specials that are available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 11am to 3pm!


If you’re an avid lover of Korean BBQ, Maru s the perfect haven for you. Each table contains an in-built BBQ for you to grill away tender marinated meats to your heart’s content, together with an array of soup dishes and drink offerings that would help provide an authentic, multi-sensory Korean dining experience. Newcomers simply must try the Korean BBQ pork belly and tteokbokki cheese rice cakes! They’re sensational.

Momo Chicken City
If you’ve watched a lot of Korean dramas, you might know that both fried chicken and beer go hand-in-hand in Korean cuisine! Located at Albert Street, Momo Chicken City provides customers with ten types of fried chicken to choose from, from classic and marinated pieces to carbonara, soy and boneless sets with an assortment of seasonings and hand-cut chips on the side! Be sure to wash it all down in true Korean fashion, with an ice-cold beer, Korean rice wine or a bottle of soju! Trust us, you’ll keep coming back for more of this golden crispy goodness!


Hanwoori Korean BBQ Buffet
Tucked away up a flight of stairs in Mary Street, Hanwoori Korean BBQ Buffet offers an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch and dinner at low-cost rates! It features a range of Korean soup and noodle dishes, pancakes, a salad bar and the chance to make your own DIY bibimbap! Together with a selection of mouth-watering meats to BBQ and relish, Hanwoori also serves a number of traditional side dishes to complement your meal. Be sure to grab your closest pals to enjoy a feast fit for a king!

The Journey
Located at Charlotte Street, The Journey Korean restaurant contains an extensive range of dishes, from stone pot bibimbap to noodle soup dishes and DIY barbecue. With bright TV screens blasting K-pop music, and artificial, lush greenery surroundings, customers are free to unwind in a vibrant atmosphere while relishing their hearty meals. Fun fact: The Journey is also known to have the most low-priced soju rates in town! 


If you’re looking for a cosy restaurant ambiance to enjoy with a large group of friends, then Warawara Izakaya is the perfect place for you! Located on Elizabeth Street, the Japanese and Korean fusion restaurant serves a variety of authentic soup, rice and hotpot dishes that would tantalise your tastebuds. So, what are you waiting for? Kick back and relax in the wooden booths with some grilled eel and fried chicken with your pals this winter!

Located at George Street, Noritor serves both Korean and Asian fusion cuisine in a fresh, modern setting. From Dumplings, hot and cold noodles, to spicy stews and bibimbap, the restaurant promises premium quality dishes and ingredients with only a few dollars more! Designed by Brisbane architect Christina Na-Heon Cho, Noritor’s fused brick and concrete wooden interiors creates a stylish ambience for all gourmets. Be sure to satisfy your cravings with a filling bibimbap lunch set, or a long dinner shared with friends until the wee hours!


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