Open Till L8’s new single Nobody Gotta Know has just been released Sep 24.

Ok, so my music taste is pretty tame. I know what I like, and I like what I know. I’m pretty lucky in that I get to listen to heaps of great new emerging artists and expand my horizons beyond the genres I usually stick with. However, it’s a bit unusual for an artist to make their way onto my pretty stagnant Spotify playlist.

Open till L8’s new single may actually do that. It’s upbeat, fun, and I can’t help but move to it. While a big part of me was thinking ‘but that’s not my type of music’ – I like it despite whatever category it falls into.

Who is Open Till L8?

Open Till L8 is an artist shrouded in mystery.  Beginning with a string of remixes, Open Till L8 garnered over a couple million views across his first few releases.  A self described ‘Super Producer’ from Sydney, his most familiar works being a whole catalogue of Hooligan Hefs music, several Youngn Lipz records and Kerser’s last two albums.

Open Till L8 has produced for the likes of: Brothers, AMARNI & Day 1 to name a few on top of his already impressive credits.  The chart-topping producer has surpassed 100 million streams over the past 2 years, leading to an ARIA nomination for ‘Best Producer’ and an ARIA win in the ‘Best New Artist’ category for his work on Youngn Lipz single ‘Misunderstood.’

Transitioning from Multi-Platinum Producer to Artist, Open Till L8 has his eyes set on global domination, with a strong focus on international and national collaborations.

Where can I hear the song?

Check out the Youtube clip … being released this Friday… Need to hold out just a bit longer.

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