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From the archives: This article is from our original site – MyCityLife, posted back on 12 August, 2014.

Yoga is stereotypically a “woman’s thing”, or “a spiritual thing” and not traditionally associated with tall, lanky men striding coolly around the basketball court, shooting hoops. But Simon Kerle is leading the charge in changing this perception. 

As the proud father of Full Moon Yoga, former pro basketballer and Captain of The Brisbane Bullets Simon Kerle is bringing the raw power of yoga to The City, growing yoga into another tool to train and live by. The connection between how the Warrior Pose and basketball should come together is really quite logical. However, Simon has taken it beyond basketball, and into another realm of otherworldliness.

Yet, simply assuming the Mountain Pose doesn’t mean that the essence of mental clarity is there for the taking. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline aimed at transforming the mind, body and soul. As a practice that predates as far back to 400 CE, clearly the “yoking” together of mind and body is a powerful tool to use in this day and age of harder, better, stronger, faster.

While Simon’s glory days of basketball are behind him, yoga is his primary focus – particularly with the popularity of his Full Moon Yoga classes at Kangaroo Point each month. And it was while teaching his students that the ideas of Full Moon Yoga classes first trembled into existence. Assume the Bridge Pose, in full view of the CBD, from the sacred area of Kangaroo Point under the light of the full moon – and it’s all the makings for an ethereal experience. 

The first Full Moon Yoga in January saw 40 people, though Simon knew only about half of the group present. The next month, it doubled to 80. March saw 110; April grew to over 120 people, with photographers capturing the event while one of his students filmed the process. Picnics, music and peace balls turned this into a major event expanding beyond the physicality of yoga and into the metaphysical.

And as Full Moon Yoga continues to grow from strength to strength, Simon knows it’s just as much about coming together for Pigeon Poses as well as creating positive energy, smiles and friends – all through the power of the Seated Twist or Downward Facing Dog. People of all skill levels, from teachers to first timers, mums with five year olds to 80 year old grannies are taking part. And at $10 a pop, it’s no wonder that getting healthy and wholesome is so easy to achieve. 

But not every day is a Full Moon. And from Saturday August 23, Simon makes sure that yoga is accessible with the launch of his new studio Raw Power Yoga in Newstead. Alongside his yoga compatriot Mandy Shearn, Raw Power Yoga takes a modern approach to the traditions and philosophies of yoga, creating a space of acceptance and respect while embracing consciousness, connection and freedom. Uniting athleticism with play, Simon and Mandy offer classes that are challenging to mind, body and soul. And from their brand new and shiny studio in Newstead featuring 13 metre ceilings and plenty of space, Raw Power Yoga will run riot with natural light and vibrant energy, seeing classes integrate a physical and mental flow to provide the tools needed to unleash the mental, physical and spiritual potential.

Between the raw power of yoga and Full Moon classes, clearly concentrating on the chakras is a tantra to live by. And Simon Kerle will, no doubt, see us in full Warrior Pose in no time.

The Launch of Raw Power Yoga
Special Offer: $20 unlimited yoga from August 23 – September 6
Doors open, 8.30am Saturday August 23
Breakfast Creek Wharf, Suite 8, 194 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead 

Raw Power presents Full Moon Yoga 
From 5pm, Saturday September 6,
Kangaroo Point Park, River Terrace, Kangaroo Point
Cost: $10


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