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When your cause is bigger than you are, what lengths will you go to make the sacrifice? SUFFRAGETTE forces us to confront this question inspired by the true story of the women who inspired the world. As a gripping story, SUFFRAGETTE explores how it central character Maud ends up as a foot soldier fighting for the movement in allowing women the vote. Played by Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan, Maud’s battle for female rights was set in a time yet to be heard by the whole world and is a movie where director Sarah Gavron clearly wants to tell a story. And tell a story, she does.

Following the coming together of women from diverse backgrounds meeting for the common cause of the early feminist movement, SUFFRAGETTE comes to the big screen with a powerful cast. Helena Bonham Carter, Brendan Gleeson, Anne-Marie Duff, Ben Whishaw and Meryl Streep play definitive characters where sacrifices are needed to embrace a cause. The movie relays a story of women in struggle; the scuffles within their current situations and the struggles they face with change.
Following peaceful protests that result in nothing, the women of the story turn radical and turn to violence to alter their disadvantaged situation. The movie climaxes as they prepare to drop everything they value in their aims to reach equality. With sacrifices made on their jobs, their homes and their children, their lives unite for one common cause.An indepth exploration into the defining moments motivating each of the main characters to step-up and fight the cause would have been a welcome addition to the whole movie, but overall, the movie stays coherent on its main outline with Maud. Viewers will watch how one woman moves from just being on the sidelines to becoming one of the more eager fighters and ending up as the strength of the group. The movie is about feminism, presented not in the way we see it in the news but in a humanised approach with an insight into peoples’ stories and what they will do for the causes they believe in.

SUFFRAGETTE is playing nationally in cinemas December 26, 2015.


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