Sydney-bred Anna Lunoe emerged as one of Australia’s best DJ’s in the dance music scene from the very start of her career as an artist. Cultivating a fan base across the world, her music continuously breaks boundaries not only as a DJ but a producer, vocalist, songwriter, radio host and mother.

Playing at some of the biggest festivals across the world such as Coachella, TomorrowWorld, Electric Forest and Lollapalooza, she even continued to produce and tour throughout her pregnancy in 2017, headlining Hard Summer at 8 months pregnant and delivering one of the festivals best sets. Between her smooth track selection and charismatic presence, Anna has made waves in the dance music scene as the first solo female act to perform on the mainstage of Electric Daisy Carnival and the first female artists to head Australia’s Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide.

After nearly a decade of extensive touring, producing and remix EP curation, Anna helped to launch Apple’s Beats1 radio show where she debuted her HYPERHOUSE brand and radio show. As one of the show’s most in-demand artists, she has solidified her place as the ‘voice of dance music’ showcasing some of the best rising and established talent with guest mixes from the likes of Jamie XX, Dillon Francis, Louis the Child and more.  HYPERHOUSE has grown from just a radio show to an ongoing live series, full-on tour and festival stage takeovers.

She may already be dominating the festival, airwaves and club scene, but she shows no signs of slowing down. We chatted with Anna about what’s next and how she prepares for a gig as she continues her fortify her role as a powerhouse of the dance music landscape.  

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What moments in your life can you say were turning points to start your career as a musician? Has it always been a dream since you were young? 

I’m not sure that it was a dream to BE a musician because it seemed so unattainable to me at a young age. But I certainly loved music and spent all my spare time thinking about it! That and gymnastics. Turning points including answering an ad in the paper for a band that needed a singer – it wasn’t a great band but it helped me get started. And also volunteering at my local radio station (FBi Radio in Sydney) and meeting a whole lot of like-minded people who love music. 

The debut of HYPERHOUSE is an incredible milestone of your career which just seems to continually evolve and expand in its offerings! What’s the next step for the brand as it continues in its world-wide takeover? 

Right now, Hyperhouse is a live stream! It’s a very fun and silly spontaneous show about dance music, starring whoever I can convince to come play with me. We will DJ, make cakes, talk crap, do anything! You can watch past episodes on my YouTube channel. 

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With so much dance music currently being produced and shared, how do you keep yourself driven to create music?  What do you aim to accomplish with your music? 

I find its best to stay focused on what I’m doing and personal goals that I would like to hit. I truly believe now that we all have a unique musical offering and I don’t think anyone else creates sounds quite like me, I wasn’t always able to accept that but I’ve proven it to myself time and time over and I know it now. Everything I have ever done is about growing as a human. Music is the vessel I am grateful to grow through.

As a producer, DJ, songwriter and vocalist, there’s a lot to look after especially when playing more than one role on tracks! How has playing so many different roles, affected the way you create music? 

I think at first it slowed me down because I would get overwhelmed. I have learned to cut the process into pieces. I write demos first. I write sometimes 6-8 in a day, really quick and messy. Then I listen back a few days later and decide what I like and if I have a production idea for it. Then I try that specific idea. It’s all done in pieces and really quickly! I try not to overthink.

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You have an amazing ability to tailor your sets to suit each audience or venue or festival. What is your process for preparing? What makes two tracks a good fit or how do you decide which track comes next? 

I honestly don’t know how to put this process into words! I just do it. It’s a certain headspace I need to be in where I feel somewhat inspired. Ill often look at the rest of the line up on the festival and think about what won’t be played and how I can bring something different to the table. I am lucky to have a diverse repertoire to pull from. Lucky but also, I guess I work really hard on it so it’s not really luck. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your state of mind when playing for a festival? 

There is the prep time brain and then there is the performance brain. My festival performance brain clicks in and I just go! I do the weirdest stuff on stage sometimes I will do mostly anything to make the audience feel free and forget their inhibitions. 

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What was the set-up of your first ever gig? How has it changed since then? 

It was CDJ 400’s! Terrifyingly hard to play on but I guess made me a tight DJ.  

Does it feel different to play for Australian audiences vs. American audiences?

Honestly its crazy everywhere! It’s always super special being home though, I can’t wait.


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