Sometimes when the mood strikes, all you want to do is a take a good walk. Walking through your neighbourhood can be good exercise, but it doesn’t really offer much to look at. Brisbane has a number of beautiful stretches that are sedate enough to remain enjoyable as well as provide amazing views, whether that be among nature, or through the splendour of the cities architecture. So here’s our list of some of the best walks in Brisbane.

South Bank Water Front

Between the Goodwill Bridge and Victoria Bridge is South Bank Water Front, a beautiful promenade replete with awe-inspiring CBD and riverfront views. Along this stretch you’ll find all the manner of eye catching distractions, from small man-made rainforests, to Pagoda’s and pools, as well as a smattering of food trucks and carts. Beautiful and relaxing at any time of day, the walk along South Bank Water Front is perfect for any family outing or date.

Bicentennial Bikeway / Coronation Drive

Along the north shore of Brisbane River you’ll find Coronation Drive, connecting Milton and Toowong along the riverfront. Whether you walk along bikeway, or on the footpath beside Coronation Drive you’ll witness strong unbroken views of South Bank and West End, as well as of the river. At the end of the walk if the inclination strikes, you can even stop in at the Regatta Hotel for lunch or dinner.

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

In the depths of the Brisbane CBD you’ll find the Botanical Gardens, a serene paradise among the steel and concrete. While a good place for a picnic, or to catch one of the many events held in the gardens, its also the perfect place for a walk. Travelling along its outer edge, its possible to walk all the way around Garden’s Point, coming out at the northern end of the Goodwill Bridge. The walk offers beautiful views of Kangaroo Point’s cliffs, ships and vessels anchored in the river, and architecture that is almost 200 years old.

Brighton to Shorncliffe

If the city streets aren’t your thing then the Brighton to Shorncliffe walk may be more your style. Just north of Brisbane, the stretch between Brighton and Shorncliffe includes some of the best beaches you’ll find in Brisbane. At over 2 kilometres it borders a hike, but you won’t regret the distance. Walking a winding path a long the shore you’re met with a beautiful breeze and sea spray, and glorious views of the ocean. At the end of the walk way you’ll come to the historic Shorncliffe pier where you can learn about its historic importance to Brisbane.

Riverside Drive to Orleigh Park

The flipside to the Coronation Drive walk, you have Riverside Drive to Orleigh Park. Away from the hustle and bustle of South Bank and Grey Street, the Riverside Drive walk offers a chance for you to disconnect. Perfect for contemplative and relaxed walks, Riverside Drive offers plenty to look at, from ancient factories, to pontoons and jetties, and even a well used dog park along the way. Taking the walk on the weekend will see you come across all the manner of small markets that pop up in West End parks.

Christoper Bingham

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