Walker: Top 5 Soundtracks

Soundscape engineers are all around us, shaping music in all its many hues and forms – from the radio, to live performances, stages and even, on dancefloors. With music the most abstract of arts, framing musical textures, harmonies and colours is a life long quest to achieve. And in this day and age where technology continues to dictates music’s many forms, it is our electronic artists who are carving paths with sound.

DJ, producer and artist, Walker brings his artistic expression to dancefloors across Queensland every weekend, particularly at Elsewhere on the Gold Coast. From here, he stands out as an electronic music pioneer, consistently breaking ground and pushing the envelope from the decks. Having cemented his state as a DJ, Walker will use this unique opportunity to delve into his original music library and present it in an extremely different way than he would usually in comparison to a club. “It’s a very eclectic take on my original work,” Walker says of his upcoming performance. “There will be lots of edits to suit the environment from my already released work, as well as a ton of unreleased pieces. There will also be pieces that I have specifically written for this gig.” We explore the soundtracks that have musically shaped him.

Trainspotting (1996//Danny Boyle)

Such a great film, set amongst a haze of druggy rock and techno and one of the earliest soundtracks that i remember listening to in full when i stumbled across it a few years later after the release. During the mid 90’s, after my youthful engagement with Pop music, I had developed an extreme love affair for Punk/So Cal Rock. That is until I fell in love with the sweet lullaby haze that is Deep Blue Day, by Brian Eno. Eno’s track opened up my ears, eyes and imagination to a world of beautiful music which so aggressively contrasted the angst and violent playfulness of Punk Rock that i were so egotistically caught up in. In fact, almost all of this soundtrack played a huge role in my expansion of appreciation for eclectic music, and i still give this a listen on every few months to remind myself of this note. Best accompanied by a bottle of Scotch, and a dark room.

Pulp Fiction (1994//Quentin Tarantino)

My extreme infatuation with Tarantino’s creations really started here. From start to finish, this soundtrack is brilliant, and the movie will always be one of my most favoured Tarantino flicks of all time. A strong reminder of the class and effortless style that comes with a Tarantino experience. From Kool & The Gang’s “Jungle Boogie”, to “Bustin’ Surfboards” by The Tornadoes, this fun and ridiculously cool soundtrack is a beast.

Juno (2008//Jason Reitman)

An adorable soundtrack to say the least, full of charm and heart-warming moments. This is one record for that Sunday morning sleep in with a special someone. This movie and accompanying music holds a few cool memories for me personally, that i like to revisit as often as I can. 

Solaris (2002//Steven Soderbergh)

One of my favourites over the years as a movie, equalled by the soundtrack. This Cliff Martinez piece is stunning, and eerily tense at times. Psychodramatic space music. I can’t explain the music contained in this soundtrack any better than that.

Gladiator Soundtrack (2000//Ridley Scott)

Written and composed by film score heavyweight Hans Zimmer, joined by the gorgeous voice of Lisa Gerrard on many of the tracks. This soundtrack is such a beautiful piece. Lisa’s voice contains so much power and emotion, and perfectly compliments the intensity of Hans’ compositions. Everything in my world stands still, whilst “Sorrow” is playing. 


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