Sharif D, originally a saxophone musician performing widely in the Brisbane club and bar scene, has in recent years set his sights on productions. The artist signed with both UK electronica label Summer Rain Recordings (in 2008) and German label Diventa Music (2010) in his early years while releasing more down-tempo jazz styled tracks. However, musical evolution has meant Sharif D developed into a more Nu-Disco or House style in recent years. Dance floor tracks ‘Hearts and Hormones’ and ‘If I Was Yours’ were released under local Gold Coast label Respect Music Records (2015) last year. 

What are you doing at the moment to keep your following growing?
Currently I’m more active in the performance scene, playing and spreading the name as a performer amongst many of Brisbane’s and the Gold Coast’s prime House clubs and bars…I’m hoping to get another release out by the end of this year through my running label Respect Music.

What’s plans for the future in the studio and in the live scene?
I’ve been planning to release an album of my original material for some time now. I’m aiming for it to be a bit more removed from the sound I’m known for in the club circuit. So more of an organic, down tempo, soul, Nu disco venture with touches of r’n’b through out. Performing my tunes live with a band would be the goal as I love the energy that comes from direct interaction with the other musicians on stage, whilst also feeding off what the crowd is vibing.

What do you think of the growing popularity for Deep House and Nu Disco in Australia?
I think its really inspiring..mostly because I see ‘Deep House’ and ‘Nu Disco’ as hybrid styles in themselves…which indirectly open’s up the main stream market to more diversity of sounds and musical styles. For example in a typical Deep House/Nu disco song you can often hear influences from 80’s pop to 70’s funk to modern electronica whilst using current production techniques which is always evolving. I also don’t see it as a stagnate type of sound because its influences are always changing.

Who were the influencers on your pursuit to create dance music?
For me a big turning point as far as wanting to move into more of the electronic scene (which often overlaps with the dance music scene) was when I heard Massive Attacks “Mezzanine”. I didn’t know exactly what I was listing to and how they made these sounds…but I became partially obsessed (in a healthy way) with trying to work out how they made those sounds and then how to re create those sounds myself. Also Groove Armada’s “At the River” and  “Hello Country Good bye Night club”, were huge records for me..because I got to hear horns and all these other musical elements which I love together in this new genre of music. Oh and Moby’s “Play” was also another big one mainly for his use of old samples combined with pianos, guitars, strings, synths, old school hip hop breaks and whatever else he used in his arsenal to create his cross over sound.

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