What Your Breakout Says About Your Health

Pimples, blemishes, zits; whatever you call them, they’re the scourge of the beauty world. Every time one pops up, I have to practically handcuff myself to a chair to avoid the temptation of squeezing the life out of the little sucker. (Don’t be like me, don’t pick, SAVE YOURSELVES!) However, is it possible that your pimples could be trying to tell you something? No, not just, “Put down the chocolate and stop eating out of a deep fryer”. Turns out, the position of your zits can reveal different things about your health. Here’s the list of common breakout areas and what they might mean for you.

Area: Pimples on your chin, jawline and even your neck.
What’s going on: 
Your hormones are out of whack. Period due? Your monthly visitor can cause hormones such as testosterone to fluctuate wildly meaning more oil and clogged pores. Before you’re due, try giving this area a little extra love with your cleansing routine, by ramping it up with a salicylic acid toner in the week leading up to your beginning cycle. If you continually get serious breakouts around that time of the month, and you’re not on birth control, you might want to consider it. Taking the pill or other hormonal birth control methods can even out the hormones causing the breakouts each month. If the pimples are more on the lower cheek instead of the jawline, this can also be a sign of poor dental health.

Area: Pimples on your nose and forehead
What’s going on: When the little jerks cluster on your nose and forehead it can be a sign of digestive issues or stress. If you’re reaching for the chocolate or fried chicken to make it feel better, irony might just get the best of you. Funny thing is, stress can make the digestive issues worse. Try to limit your sugar and saturated fat intake, and get off your butt and do some exercising, even if it’s just a short walk. Physical activity is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Area: Pimples in between your brows
What’s going on:
Allergic to something? If you get pimples between the brows often, you might want to look into potential allergies. Face mapping also says that when zits show up here it might be a sign of too much fast food or even a lactose intolerance. But take heed: if you’ve just had your eyebrows waxed, it could just be an irritation from that. Get busy with the toner after a waxing to try limit potential damage.

Area: Pimples on your cheeks
What’s going on: Do you ever clean your phone? What about your makeup brushes or pillow? No? Now think of all of the bacteria you’re transferring over to your cheeks. You need to clean all these surfaces regularly to make sure you’re not just mushing your face in dirt day in, day out. Face mapping also says that cheek pimples could be indicative of problems with excess sugar in your diet, so consider cutting back. And stop touching your face!

Area: Pimples around your mouth
What’s going on: These nasties are usually diet related. Residue from what you eat usually ends up around your mouth, no matter how neatly you think you gobble. If your diet consists primarily of greasy or acidic foods, you’re bound to end up with remnants around your lips, leading to the physical blockage of your pores. Result? Gross, red, angry blemishes. Remember, everything in moderation. And if you have to binge (and honey, sometimes that piece of cheese pizza is just calling you) make sure you wash your face properly afterward, to dissolve that excess oil.

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