As the owner of TWFineart, Tove Langridge guides us through how to pick the perfect piece for your place, with a guide for how to select art for your home.

TV shows highlight how artwork in the home makes it feel fresh and adds wow factor. Artwork adds a focal point to your room and a unique flair to reflect personal style; turning a house into a home. First-time buyers purchasing artwork can be intimidating – but it shouldn’t be. Buy art because you like it; because it moves you – rather than it matching your decor.

Think of art in a room like punctuation in a sentence. Artwork should lead your eye around a space, accentuating key features to create visual syntax. Following these simple guidelines can help you select the perfect piece for your place:

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Proportion is key.


An artwork can influence the colours around it – and vice versa. Position artwork that enables it to draw from and complement the colours of its surroundings.


As artworks colours enhance surroundings, so too can form. Circular forms balance out rigid forms in the same way bold colour fields break up cluttered space.


Simpler is better. Stick with a clean, modern, minimal frame that bridges design trends and looks current. Invest to get a frame that is quality and fitted with acid free materials and won’t damage the artwork itself.


New technologies have opened up visual art, allowing artworks to be reproduced while preserving the touch and feel of the original artwork with a high-end feel without the high-end price tag. 

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