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Tove Langridge: Art with TWFineart

TV shows highlight how artwork in the home makes it feel fresh and adds wow factor. Artwork adds a focal point to your room and a unique flair to reflect personal style; turning a house into a home. First time buyers purchasing artwork can be intimidating – but it shouldn’t be. Buy art because you like it; because it moves you – rather than it matching your decor.

Think of art in a room like punctuation in a sentence. Artwork should lead your eye around a space, accentuating key features to create visual syntax. Following these simple guidelines can help you select the perfect piece for your place:

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SCALE: Proportion is key.

COLOUR: An artwork can influence the colours around it – and vice versa. Position artwork that enables it to draw from and compliment the colours of its surroundings.

COMPOSITION: As artworks colours enhance surroundings, so too can form. Circular forms balance out rigid forms in the same way bold colour fields break up cluttered space.

FRAMING: Simpler is better. Stick with a clean, modern, minimal frame that bridges design trends and looks current. Invest to get a frame that is quality and fitted with acid free materials and won’t damage the artwork itself.

NOT ORIGINAL: New technologies have opened up visual art, allowing artworks to be reproduced while preserving the touch and feel of the original artwork with a high-end feel without the high-end price tag. 

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TW Fineart
Shop 4, Centro 2, 31 James Street, Fortitude Valley
0437 348 755


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