Future Shorts Film Festival comes to Brisbane

From the archives: this article is from our original site – MyCityLife and was posted on 23 July 2014

In an amazing city like Brisbane, it’s no surprise that more and more people from around the globe are finding their way to ‘the little city that could’. The festival circuit is clearly mutating into a different frame as MyCityLife drops the world’s biggest pop up film festival from the heart of Brisbane. The Future Shorts Film Festival comes to The Flying Cock, right smack bang in the middle of Valley Fiesta celebrations on Saturday August 23.

Where everything is harder, better, faster, short films are the new medium that major directors, corporations and digital marketeers are using to connect to greater audiences. And Future Shorts Film Festival presents award winning short films from across the globe, bringing the crazy and the cool right to our front door.

Since 2003, The Future Shorts Film Festival has been celebrated in 20 countries, exploding across the globe into a celebration of talent and cinema. The opportunity to unite film lovers with filmmakers and industry professionals sows the seeds of a budding relationship, one that will offer wide ranging networking opportunities within the film and television industries. It all comes down to a melting pot of pop culture that combines the rawness of unfound talent and the experience of industry veterans, culminating in a celebration of film, music, art and people.

The beauty of this experience is that it’s built on a foundation of creativity and pockets of community that live through the flicker of the film, the beat of the music, the colour of the art and the joy of the audience. 


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