Hopeless Ramen-tic!

From the archives: This post was from our original site – MyCityLife back on 14 November 2019

Gotta hankering for Ramen? There’s something about Shinobi Ramen that’s oh so delectable and like all the other famous creations (Coke and KFC anyone?), there’s a top secret recipe behind it. Formulated by Ramen Master Hideki, who was flown out from Japan’s top Ramen Academy Syoku Doujyou specifically to develop the recipe, it contains some very special secret ingredients.

shinobi ramen 3 2

Shinobi Ramen take their mission to create the most authentic tonkatsu ramen experience outside of Japan, very seriously using only high-quality ingredients, preparing homemade noodles daily with high-grade Japanese flour. Pork bones are cooked over 12 hours for authentically flavoured broth while eggs are prepared and marinated over 24 hours. So much love and attention goes into the making of the Ramen and the flavours, speak for themselves. 


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