Elizabeth Best | 04 March 2019

When it comes to beauty, lifting and firming skin are at the top of people’s wish list. So when I discovered Brisbane beauty therapist Tracey Holland offered a treatment that’s said to do exactly that I signed myself up immediately.

Tracey is one of very few practitioners in the city trained in the art of the Japanese Cosmo Facial Lifting Technique. During the treatment, facial muscles and underlying tissues are manipulated increasing blood circulation, eliminating toxins and stimulating the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. This gives your face the equivalent of a gym work out and a non-surgical face lift that firms and tones the foundation muscles that support the facial structure, helping to fight the effects of gravity.

“Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting reminds the muscles how to work,” Tracey explains. “The overall effect is improved muscle tone, a radiant and glowing complexion and the reduction of fine lines which results in younger-looking skin.” Think an effect similar to Botox but without the needles or toxins.

When I arrive at Tracey’s home studio there’s something about the place that puts me instantly at ease: it could be the incense-like smells, the pleasant soothing sounds, or even Tracey herself. All I know is I feel chilled out pretty quickly. Tracey chats to me about what we will be doing. It’s not a regular facial, she explains, as there will be no masks or deep cleansing done. It’s all about reflexology, you see, and facial massage to achieve a natural holistic facelift. An hour of facial massage? Oh yes please.

She explains she will use her signature facial oil (that she makes herself), Mohi Everlasting Facial Elixir, a blend of exotic carrier oils that features one very decadent ingredient: 24-carat gold! “Gold has been used in beauty treatments since the time of Cleopatra,” she says. “Gold slows down collagen depletion, increases the elasticity of the skin, lightens the skin’s complexion and improves blood circulation. It prevents premature ageing by stimulating cellular growth of the deepest layer of the skin to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells which soften fine lines and wrinkles.”

Tracey Holland Mohi Facial Elixir

As we begin the treatment I begin to feel myself relax into the table as Tracey’s hands get to work. The massage movements are hypnotic, and I can feel tension I didn’t even know I was carrying in my brow dissipating.

Speaking of dissipating, not to be gross but I also feel my sinus passages er… clearing. I suffer from pretty bad hay fever and all the build-up of gunk seems to be trickling down the back of my throat. I swallow a lot. Tracey laughs and says that happens quite a bit. As a happy side effect, the almost permanent tension headache I have thanks to said gunk seems to have alleviated a lot.

Before I know it I’ve slipped into what I can only describe as a blissfully sleepy trance, just enjoying the pressure on different points of my face, feeling all the tightness drain away. And just like that, somehow an entire hour has gone by and our session is over. I could have easily had another hour of that and been completely happy.

When we’re done, my face feels lighter, and my skin feels gorgeously springy. I feel refreshed and relaxed. And although I don’t see a noticeable lift, right off, I notice through the week that I am not furrowing my brow nearly as much as normal, in what I can only assume is a result of all my cranky-making face muscles having been relaxed a bit.

Tracey Holland operates out of Camp Hill. Find out more about the treatment and other services that she offers here: https://traceyhollandreflexology.com.au/.

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Elizabeth Best is a journalist, beauty expert, foodie and travel lover with a mild obsession for all things shimmery. She likes long walks down the makeup aisle and you can follow her adventures on Instagram @thebeautypalate.


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