The Scoop: Hennessy OS GEMEOS Limited Edition Cognac at Sky & Lotus

Brandy is beautiful. Named after the town north west of Bordeaux, France (because everything amazing comes from France), there are rules and regulations that come with brandy being twice distilled in copper stills then aged two years. Telling you would be paramount to signing your death warrant… so let’s never go there. Ever. 

But Louis Vuitton might go there. Cos that’s where this French giant might go. You know? 

But how French is cognac really when it welcomes Brazilian street artists twins Gustavo & Octavio Pandolfo? Given the upcoming FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, Brazil is where the Eye of Hennessy is currently turned to. Known better as Os Gemeos, these Sao Paulo twin maestros are the contemporary, breaking edge duo of the new age. Embrace their colour, their vibrance, their upbeat graphic style. Welcome to Sao Paulo, with such dash reflected into your eyes. 

Having ‘performed’ as visual artists all across the world, in their contribution to Hennessey’s cognac, each limited edition Hennessey VS bottle is individually numbered with a special QR code. Sip and access that code all at once. Go you good thing. With OS Gemeos, welcome to the broad-ranging style of vibrance, elegance and tradition, drawing inspiration from the roots of the streets. Oh yes, it’s all about mythology and swords, and faerytales and tradition. Bring in a bit of hip hop to that, and we have The Wiz of the new age. As in the 21st century age, where we can ease on down, ease on down the road.

And that’s precisely what it tastes like: easing down the road with a swagger in your stride. It’s a yellow brick road of the streets ahead of you… where ever it takes you, it takes you, so stride along. From Brazil to New York to London, anywhere in Asia and even Brisbane. For that taste of London, sip straight. For New York, sip over 3 cubes of ice. For that taste of Sky & Lotus Brisbane, be transported to a premium club along the isles of Singapore or Hong Kong, and refresh with fresh fruits and green tea. Welcome inside The Hennessy Os Gemeos limited Edition Bottle launch of cognac. This is the drink of the new age, where the street cultured meets the aesthetic. Go forth and enjoy that smooth taste of Hennessey cognac. Yes, go you good thing. You belong dripping on the bodies of dark angels. Sip. Sup. Spoil. Enjoy when such premium spirits reach your doorstep. Bless the god of Bacchus (or whomever your chosen spiritual deity maybe). May you live forever. That is the motif with Os Gemeos. Live. Forever. In Spirit. Divine.

Photo Credit: AXL IMAGING


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